What is a Newsnado?

The term was born as a result of pondering what media (main stream and social) is doing in the name of delivering the “news”.

What is left behind is a path of destruction to character, reputation, and facts.

Newsnado.com is an attempt to call out the slanted bias of the media and to insist on a balanced delivery of information.


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Kamala Harris: Trump's Trump Card

Kamala Harris: Trump's Trump Card

After Biden's vow to choose a woman as his vice presidential nominee, many have speculated who it would be. As of August 12, 2020, there is no longer need any need for speculation; the only one of the three to be a standing senator, Kamala Harris, has been chosen and she may be the worst choice Biden could have made.
Father Damien's White Martyrdom

Father Damien's White Martyrdom

Few people are as universally praised as Father Damien of Molokai. Loved by the Hawaiian people that he ministered to, named De Grootste Belg"the Greatest Belgian" by his mother country of Belgium, venerated and canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church by Benedict XVI as of 2009, and even praised by the likes of Barack Obama and Gandhi. That being said, such bipartisan praise for the Holy Leper, did not stop Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from attempting to smear his reputation by declaring the placement of his statue at the Capital Rotunda a product of a white supremacist culture that upholds white men at the expense of all other groups.

The Iraq Time bomb

The events that took place in the Middle East at the beginning of the year and continue to unfold as tensions continue between the United States, Iran, and Iraq, has caused more stress and confusion among the American populace than any other action in the Middle East in years, perhaps since the war that brought the U.S. into the region in the first place.