Bee, Barr, and Standards

Two celebrities recently made some extremely objectionable comments.  And the reactions to them were drastically different.  Was one more horrible than the other? That's not really the point of this article.  The point is that we should evaluate the responses of the media, their employers, and others.

By no means am I defending Roseanne Barr.  Her comments were thoughtless, rude, inappropriate, offensive, and racist.  The choice to fire her does indeed lie with ABC. I'm not debating that or supporting what she said.  Supposed conservative or not, her remarks were unquestionably derogatory and insulting.  The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh describes other distasteful comments Barr has made.  He states something that I agree with: she shouldn't be defended simply because she says she likes Trump.  Roseanne Barr doesn't deserve the defense that some are giving her.

However, her comments aren't the only issue.  Samantha Bee also recently made a despicable and incredibly offensive comment about Ivanka Trump.  The two women's actions aren't one hundred percent equivalent, but both are disgusting.  What is a bit surprising is that Samantha Bee has not suffered at all for her words. 

With the #MeToo movement and the current feminists that are frequently in the media spotlight, perhaps a premeditated and disgusting slur on a scripted, pre-taped, and promoted show would earn a little more negative attention from the mainstream media.  However, the media and fellow celebrities have continued to make excuses for Samantha Bee's comments about Ivanka Trump or even going so far as to support them.  Samantha Bee's comments were disgusting and inappropriate.  I wonder if those same words had been used to describe Chelsea Clinton or one of Obama's daughters would there have been a different reaction?  Probably.  Odds are, she would have been fired, much like happened to Roseanne Barr.  Worse, imagine if a man had made similar comments, no matter who they were about (unless perhaps it was about Ivanka).  Would this not have raised an uproar?  And yet, Bee gets off with a Twitter apology and receives an award soon after

Should she be fired?  Not necessarily.  That's up to her employers.  They should be free to make that decision themselves.  If they choose to employ someone of her ilk, that's their decision.  There's no real surprise that Bee expressed such a disgusting comment.  She and her show are known for being vulgar.  But had such words been used anyone besides the daughter of Donald Trump, there would have almost certainly have been consequences. 

Whatever else happens, Bee shouldn't be being supported and lauded for what she said.  If we're really going to get behind the idea that we shouldn't demean women, then what she said was both deliberate and despicable.  Her word choice was intended to be the most degrading word she could muster.  She still received an award the next night after such a disgraceful display of vulgarity.  And the real reason she gets off without any repercussions is because her words were about Ivanka Trump.  Bee shouldn't get let off the hook simply because she's on the Left and because her vulgarity was directed towards a member of the Trump family.

Whatever faults one may see with Donald Trump, it does not excuse Bee for speaking about Ivanka the way she did.  I would not support calling anyone the words Bee chose, however disgusting that person may seem.  Even Bee doesn't deserve to be demeaned the way she demeaned Ivanka.  But since the Trump family is the prime target from both the media and people like Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee, there are no consequences.  No slap on the wrist, her award was not cancelled.  All she had to do was issue a Twitter apology.  All I'm saying is that if a person's job would have likely been destroyed over making such a comment about one of Obama's daughters and Samantha Bee suffers no repercussions whatsoever, perhaps we should reevaluate our standards as a society.  If calling someone such a word as Bee chose does not cause her to loose her job, no one on either side of the political spectrum should suffer loss of livelihood over the same offense.

The scariest thing is the not Samantha Bee or her choice of words.  The scariest thing is that neither she, TBS, or her audience seems to have any real problem with what she said.  Yes, TBS and Bee may have issued apologies on Twitter, but there's no indication they felt any remorse beyond regret for being called out on their vile behavior.  The only difference is that a couple of advertisers dropped her show.  They don't seem to have lost any ratings or made any real changes.

What happens to the jobs of these two women isn't the real concern.  What matters now is deciding what our standards are as a society.  What morals do we have?  What morals should we have?  And who should we let off the hook and who should we rake across the coals?

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