The Mueller Report and Leftist Hysteria

As we all know, the Mueller report has been in the news a lot lately.  Attorney General Barr has been called a liar, accused of covering for Trump, and helping to block the release of the Mueller report.  However, not only has the report been made available, but Barr seems to have done everything in his power to cooperate with Congress.

And yet, some Democrats in Congress still even seem to want Barr to be arrested.  Pelosi herself claims that Barr lied to Congress.  According to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Barr is legally prevented from revealing grad jury testimony.  This is a rule that Congress put in place.  But now, they're insisting that Barr is fault and want to hold him in contempt for ... not breaking the law?

This is report is not over whether Trump is a nice man who ran a perfect campaign or not. Sure, Trump isn't perfect (but who is?) and he's no shrinking violent, but that doesn't equal criminality.  Maybe the Trump campaign did embarrassing or stupid things, but you can't prosecute anyone for that.  The concern is whether or not Trump has done anything criminal, which is what the investigation was about.  Totaling about 450 pages, there doesn't seem to be cause to prosecute Trump or impeach him, which triggered a fair amount of meltdowns.  

Just to be clear, there was no evidence found that Trump or the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.  Furthermore, Mueller came to no conclusion on whether the President obstructed justice.  Barr interpreted the findings and concluded that there was not enough evidence to prosecute the President on this charge.

The Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media don't seem to care about these findings.  They're still spending their time trying to pin something, anything, on Trump.  They've switched from cries of "Collusion!" to "Obstruction!"  They're grasping at straws to prove that they haven't been wasting both our tax dollars and our time on this.  

However, as we've already established, Mueller came to no conclusion on obstruction and the Attorney General concluded that there's not enough evidence to prosecute.  The Leftist members of Congress also don't seem to care that obstruction requires intent.  If the Trump campaign hasn't done anything illegal, then what would have been the need for obstruction? 

But Leftists continue to waste our time.

CNN, for example, continues to trot out James Comey.  That's right.  Comey.  The same guy who let Hillary Clinton off the hook (for crimes that don't require intent, like obstruction does) and said we shouldn't prosecute her.  They bring him out to state his opinion, like that Barr "isn't behaving honorably" and make similar assertions.

They do all this to distract us from the fact that they've made a huge blunder and have been spending too much time and money on it since President Trump has been elected.  They seem to be motivated by spite because they lost the 2016 election and refused to let it go.  But we all have to face facts eventually.  And the facts aren't on their side.

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