My Body My Choice! ... Or Not? Eugenics at Work in the UK?

Since a horrifying headline crossed my path, our articles diverge from the norm today.  In an unusual turn of events, our article today has nothing to do with President Trump.  Recently, in the UK, a young mentally disabled pregnant woman was ordered to have an abortion by a judge, though it has since been overturned.  This abortion would have taken place after 22 weeks of pregnancy and would have violated her Catholic faith.

This ruling, which has since been overturned through appeals, was handed down at the hands of a female judge, no less.  The ruling was against the wishes of both the pregnant woman and her mother, who was there to speak up for her.  However, the judge decided that she knew better than either of them and ordered that this young woman's unborn child be murdered in an abortion.

Even those who find abortion acceptable should find this abhorrent.  What about "My Body, My Choice!"?  Why would this female judge force an abortion on another woman?  It isn't the judge's body; it isn't even the body of her child.  If it is really about women's choice, "Pro-Choice" advocates everywhere should be outraged by such a decision.  Even Justice Lieven, who handed down this decision, acknowledged that ordering an abortion in a situation like this may be an "intrusion".

The abortion would have taken place after 22 weeks of pregnancy.  At this stage, the baby is fully formed, able to feel pain, and even if born around this time, has increasingly good chances of survival outside the womb.  Nevertheless, Justice Lieven decided that it would be best to kill a fully formed human being capable of feeling pain and surviving outside the womb.  Where are the advocates of "Women's Rights"?  Where is their outrage?  How shockingly hypocritical is it of them to suggest that no one should be able to tell them they can't have an abortion because of "bodily autonomy" but turn a blind eye to a woman being forced to have an abortion against her will, her bodily autonomy stripped away completely?  Would they protest if a similar, mentally disabled woman wanted an abortion and was denied one by a judge?  If you're so afraid of being told by a judge or legislator that you can't have an abortion, you should be horrified at the idea of another woman being forced to have one.

Justice Lieven's decision becomes even more alarming when it was revealed that the young woman's mother had offered to care for her daughter's child, since her daughter's disability might prevent her from doing so effectively.  Even though the child would have had a close relative capable of caring for them, the judge still made the decision that it was better for the child to be killed instead.  The young woman, her mother, and a social worker who had worked with them, all opposed it, but Justice Lieven still chose death over life.  Thank God, the decision has been overturned, but the fact that it was made in the first place is no less alarming.

It seems the NHS chooses death over life in many cases.  Since in this article, the New York Times reports that it was the National Health Service who requested the abortion for the young woman, citing supposed harm to her mental health to continue the pregnancy.  In another example of choosing death, consider the case of Charlie Gard, a two-year-old who was simply allowed to die by the NHS doctors, rather than seek further treatment elsewhere.  Alfie Evans was a similar case where the NHS and the UK courts decided that they knew better than the perfectly competent parents of these children and that it was best to let them die.

I don't know Justice Lieven's intentions, but these UK cases listed above smack of eugenics.  This one in particular even more so when you consider that, this young woman and her mother have been identified as Nigerian immigrants.  Eugenics, if you'll recall, was a hallmark policy of Nazi Germany, the regime which orchestrated the murder of millions, including Jews, black people, gypsies, Catholics, and disabled people.

It is worthwhile to note that the founder of Planned Parenthood and essentially of the abortion industry in the United States, Margaret Sanger, was also in favor of eugenics.  Some make claims that Margaret Sanger was "misunderstood" in her expressed desire to exterminate blacks and prevent mentally or physically disabled from having children.  However, don't just take my word for it; judge for yourself. Here are plenty of her quotes.  Each quote on the site is sourced and many have links so you can see the full context of her words for yourself.  They're too many in number, all so abhorrent and disgusting that I couldn't possibly go through each one, but I would recommend that you check each source for yourself if you're skeptical of their validity.

The kind of attitude that would force an abortion on this young woman has other just as horrifying foundations.  Besides Margaret Sanger, it has other ties to American history in the form of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.  In the case of Buck vs. Bell, a supposedly mentally disabled young woman was ordered to be sterilized by the Supreme Court.  This decision resulted in the forced sterilization of many like her, a practice which inspired Nazi Germany's eugenics policies.  Here, you may read the court's decision.  Decisions like this are also the reason some advocate for the ability to kill unborn children that may be disabled.  This is eugenics as well and is as inhumane, disgusting, and radically discriminatory as the other cases listed above.

Here are my final words on the subject, food for thought, as it were.  Where policies like this are concerned, you may want to consider how you would feel if they affected you personally.  What if you were like this young woman?  What if you were mentally or physically disabled and were the one being forcibly sterilized or forced to have an abortion, especially if it went against your personal desires or religious beliefs?  Remember, eugenics can be utilized against anyone whether it's a race, disability, or those with a personal or religious belief system.  Would you want to be allowed or forced to die because of any of those reasons?  Or because they thought attempts to keep you alive were not worthwhile or valuable?  Even outside of eugenics, should the wishes of competent members of your family be ignored in favor of the orders of the state?  I doubt very many of us would still advocate for this.

What was almost done to this young woman was horrifying and wrong.  We should ALL stand up together against it.  Even if you would ordinarily advocate for the legalization of abortion, if you claim to stand for women's rights and bodily autonomy, you should be outraged by this case.  And those of us who stand for the life of the unborn should be shouting this from the rooftops, preventing it from ever happening again.  

For the Pro-Life advocate, we all have a fundamental right to live and, not only should this young woman's rights be violated, but her fully formed unborn child should not be murdered either.  Don't remain silent and don't allow this kind of human rights violation to be repeated.

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