Supreme Court Nominee - Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated by President Trump to fill Justice Kennedy's empty seat on the Supreme Court.  This of course means that he is going to be evaluated by a great number of people.  Not only will he be analyzed by the legislature, but he will also be so by the media.

Kavanaugh is disliked by most on the Left, largely because he's seen as likely to swing the Supreme Court to the Right, giving Republicans better chances of a majority vote on the Court.  They are also concerned that he will work against their health care and "women's rights" agendas in particular.

What they really seem to fear about Kavanaugh is that he may play a roll in overturning Rowe v. Wade, which is the hope of many Christians and conservatives alike.  However, like in the article linked above, they frame it as if he intended to block "essential healthcare," rather than admit what they really mean.  They don't want to be stripped of the ability to end the most innocent form of life on this earth: a child in the womb of its mother.  They want abortion to remain legal and don't want Rowe v. Wade to be reversed.  

Though Kavanaugh is a Catholic, he does not seem to have explicitly claimed to want Rowe v. Wade overturned.  But if he is a faithful Catholic, there is a decent likelihood he may support such an undertaking.  This would be a win for the country and a moral good.

However, some criticism of Kavanaugh is simply because he is a white male.  Apparently Kavanaugh's race and gender is enough to make him an undesirable nominee in the eyes of some on the Left.  This is both ridiculous and unfair to suggest that a person is unfit for a position based solely on such qualities.  Such an ill-founded objection is even more laughable coming from the party who claims to support inclusivity, diversity, and tolerance.  Apparently this applies to everyone except conservative white men.  Interesting.

Kavanaugh's credentials as a judge that spent twelve years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit render him a good candidate for a position on the Supreme Court.  He has impeccable credentials, which should command at least some respect, since he is highly qualified for the position as a member of the Supreme Court.

Groups like National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony List are in favor of Kavanaugh because of his pro-life stance and his commitment to taking the Constitution seriously.  Unlike the Left, groups like this - as well as many Americans - would be pleased to see the reversal of Rowe v. Wade.  

We may not know everything about Kavanaugh yet, but he seems worthy of the position he's been nominated for.  Additionally, his appointment may even be considered a win by pro-lifers and conservatives.

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