My Body My Choice! ... Or Not? Eugenics at Work in the UK?

My Body My Choice! ... Or Not?  Eugenics at Work in the UK?

Recently, in the UK, a young mentally disabled pregnant woman was ordered to have an abortion by a judge, though it has since been overturned ... The abortion would have taken place after 22 weeks of pregnancy.  At this stage, the baby is fully formed, able to feel pain, and even if born around this time, has increasingly good chances of survival outside the womb.  Nevertheless, Justice Lieven decided that it would be best to kill a fully formed human being capable of feeling pain and surviving outside the womb.  Where are the advocates of "Women's Rights"?  Where is their outrage?  How shockingly hypocritical is it of them to suggest that no one should be able to tell them they can't have an abortion because of "bodily autonomy" but turn a blind eye to a woman being forced to have an abortion against her will, her bodily autonomy stripped away completely?  Would they protest if a similar, mentally disabled woman wanted an abortion and was denied one by a judge?  If you're so afraid of being told by a judge or legislator that you can't have an abortion, you should be horrified at the idea of another woman being forced to have one.

Babies' Lives or Womens' Rights?

Babies' Lives or Womens' Rights?
With all of the pro-life bills being passes by many state legislatures, abortion is at the forefront of chatter on social media.  Here's what we all should remember: there's no worse Fake News than that an unborn child isn't a human person with Constitutional rights.  There's so many lies circulating about these new laws and about "reproductive rights" in general.